Set yourself up for success for 2022

It’s been another year of turmoil for business owners. You wouldn’t be wrong in wondering if this is your reality now, that going back to ‘normal’ isn’t going to be entirely possible. 

If your business has survived into 2022, chances are you’ve had to pivot and adapt to make that happen. You might be wondering what new skills you’re going to need to pick up to ensure your business continues to survive and even thrive in this new, unchartered territory. 

We here at YBM have put together a small guide to success that gives you a few tools to hopefully enable you to set yourself up for success for 2022. 

Be prepared

The start of the year is critical in establishing good habits, including neat documentation of cash flow and tax obligations. The ATO have indicated that they will be ramping up on collection activity next year, tightening measures that they have loosened lately due to pandemic restrictions. 

Communicating honestly and openly with ATO, especially by using a professional accounting team, will keep you on their good side and allow you to make the most of any deferral schemes or payment plans if necessary. 

Moving forward through Covid-19

Whether you are welcoming staff back into the office or looking to retain adapted measures, taking a look at your past, present and intended future work culture gives you a good idea of where you need to grow as a company leader.

Embrace innovative performance analysis tools and use these to your advantage to help to connect better with your staff and help them where possible. The beginning of the year is a time where new employees should be supported with career development and senior staff given the tools to find the right work – life balance. 

A focus on great service

Human connectivity is more important than ever. When you remember that it hasn’t only been you and your business that has struggled, but everyone, then a little compassion is going to go a long way. 

Even if it is just calling up a client to let them know that nothing has changed with an order, even if it has been delayed, or checking in with a regular who hasn’t been in touch recently. 

These acts of kindness will help to establish stronger connections to pull your business through into 2022 and beyond. 

Call YBM today to get professional accountants helping your business and get 2022 off to the best start.


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