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Second Bathurst Agribusiness Networking Event

Come and join us at this free event to meet with agribusiness professionals and farmers from Bathurst and District.

03-Oct-2017 BDO Australia

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Are you ready for Single Touch Payroll Reporting (STPR)?

This new Government initiative is designed to streamline business reporting obligations and will change the way employers report their tax and superannuation.


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9 tax deductions you probably can't claim

Yes, there are some odd tax deductions available (handbags, anyone?) However, there are also a lot of myths and mistaken beliefs about what you can actually claim as deductions against your income.


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What did I miss? 1 July changes

The new financial year typically brings a number of important changes for business, individuals and the economy as a whole. Below is a summary of the key things to remember from 1 July 2017:


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Self Managed Super Fund Update Seminar

Do you understand the impact the new Super Legislation will have on your Superannuation Fund from 1 July 2017?

22-Feb-2017 ESS BASIP

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Debtors’ Days Outstanding “Silent Killer of Modern Business”

Australia is lagging the rest of the world in terms of late payments described as the “silent killer of modern business” by the Australian government’s Small Business Ombudsman, Kate Carnell late last year. (Australian Financial Review Article).

16-Jan-2017 Aspect Buyer's Agency

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Investment Strategy or Investment Product?

What’s the difference and why does it matter?


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Bathurst Agribusiness Networking Event

Come and join us at this free event to meet with agribusiness professionals and farmers from Bathurst and District.


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Superannuation - the Gender Gap is closing

The gap between men’s and women’s superannuation levels is closing, according to a new report released last week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). But there is still some way to go.


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Gumboots. Akubra. Tax Status?

Hobby farming is a lifestyle choice that has been around for years and looks like an option that, if anything, is on the increase.

And while it can be easy to poke fun at the success or otherwise of the average hobby farmer (like the old joke about their skills at growing blackberries and rabbits), for many the choice to embrace the rural idyll leads to a thirst for information about the taxation realities of owning a small country property.


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Start the New Financial Year by building a Budget

A new financial year is like springtime for your business. Full of opportunities to breathe new life into existing processes and ways of thinking. We love this time of the year for new resolutions. Much better than in January when you’re battling post summer holiday blues.


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Budgets, Just part of your Plan

Knowing what road to take is just the first step in building your business

10-Feb-2015 Vend

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How to Collect Data in Your Store and Four Ways to Use It

Retail stores have long been collecting basic details (i.e. name and email) on their customers. Now, with the help of some nifty retail cloud solutions, it’s possible to collect so much more.