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02-Jun-2020 Practiceplus

Should you outsource to experts?

Not sure if outsourcing business tasks is worth your while? Here are some benefits of outsourcing your work Continue reading

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25-May-2020 Practiceplus

Rate of COVID-19 job losses slows

The rate of job losses as a result of the economic downturn has slowed down, with the number of Australians out of work suppressed to under a million, according to new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Continue reading

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21-May-2020 Practiceplus

7 Tips for Making the Most of Remote Work in 2020

The modern workforce is increasingly remote, and that’s significantly changing the way teams and leadership interact, solve problems, and get the day’s work done. Trying to run remote work as a traditional office will not only introduce a wide range … Continue reading

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20-May-2020 YBM

Support our team and set us a challenge!

Our dedicated team are keen for you a set them a challenge to help raise money for MS. As many of our friends and clients are well aware, we love clocking up the kilometres for a good cause! So, this … Continue reading

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14-May-2020 Practiceplus

Why a pandemic is a good time to test new ideas

All businesses experience risk. Government restrictions can be a risk. An economic downturn can be a risk. A slowdown in freight movement can be a risk. Kyla Kirkpatrick, founder and CEO of Emperor Champagne, speaks about innovating during a pandemic Continue reading

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04-May-2020 Practiceplus

Guide to detecting scam emails

When you receive an email, and it seems suspicious, take the time to look into its different elements. Continue reading

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28-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

Guide to creating a business plan

These two steps are the foundation of your business plan. Without them, it will be challenging to create one. But why should you bother with a business plan? Continue reading

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24-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

Do you need an Accountant for your startup?

Working with an accountant during the early stages of your start-up ensures you have the right foundations for your business. Continue reading

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16-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

3 Ways You Can Empower Your Remote Employees

Companies that offer remote work, but don’t have tools or processes in place, may suffer from communication gaps. Continue reading

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09-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

Six steps to build an effective business continuity plan

A business continuity plan (BCP) is a comprehensive plan with contingencies for business processes, assets, human resources, and business partners in case of an emergency. Continue reading

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28-Mar-2020 Practiceplus

Fundraise your business & own majority shares? Yes you can

I do remain my own boss. And this is worth taking the challenge! Continue reading

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25-Mar-2020 Practiceplus

7 steps to manage Payroll Year End with Xero

First things first, grab a cup of tea. Continue reading

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24-Mar-2020 YBM

Coronavirus Stimulus Package – Full details of economic response

A complete overview of the Federal Governments support package. Continue reading

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24-Mar-2020 YBM

Coronavirus Stimulus Package – Instant asset write off

Its official! The instant asset write-off for this financial year is now $150,000 and the eligibility has been expanded. Continue reading

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24-Mar-2020 YBM

Coronavirus Stimulus Package – ATO assistance offering

For taxpayers having financial difficulties as a result of the economic downturn caused by Coronavirus, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will provide support. This includes more time to pay their tax debt and payment plans that may have zero or low interest. Continue reading

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21-Mar-2020 YBM

Making the top 1%! Why making the AFR’s Top 100 Accounting Firms in Australia is a big deal.

YBM’s inclusion into the Australian Financial Review (AFR) Top 100 Accounting Firms 2019 confirms YBM’s position as one of the top regional accounting firms in Australia.

Continue reading

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20-Mar-2020 Practiceplus

Manage clients with staff? 6 tips to save time and reduce errors when doing payroll

Don’t worry, the tips are here! Continue reading

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19-Mar-2020 YBM

How to stay connected to a remote workforce

More and more workplaces are switching to remote working. The key to success in this way of working is staying connected to your employees. Continue reading

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19-Mar-2020 Practiceplus

‘Not interested in dragging disputes out’: ATO expands small business review pilot

The ATO has stopped short of making its small business independent review service a permanent feature as it expands and extends the pilot program until the end of the year. Continue reading

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17-Mar-2020 Practiceplus

After raising almost $30,000 over the last 3 Coastreks, its time for YBM to do it all again!

What started as a bit of a dare seems to have turned into a bit of an addiction! This March will see YBM Accounting and Business Advisors enter a number of teams into the Sydney Coastrek for the fourth consecutive year, with one of the teams this year appropriately named ‘YBM Can’t Believe We’re Back!’. Continue reading

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17-Mar-2020 Practiceplus

What makes a great leader?

There will be times when circumstance will test your integrity and honesty. Never waver. Stick to your values and keep pushing on. Continue reading

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12-Mar-2020 YBM

Today’s a great day to plan how to grow your business!

Now is the time to plan your business strategies for the rest of this year and next. How YBM can help you with that. Continue reading

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04-Mar-2020 Practiceplus

Xero global release update: February 2020

Check out the latest updates for small businesses and advisors, plus a peek at what’s coming soon! Continue reading

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02-Mar-2020 Kirsten

What is happening to AUSkey and Manage ABN Connections?

The way you and your business access government online services is changing. From 27th March AUSkey and Manage ABN connections will be replaced with MyGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). Continue reading

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02-Mar-2020 Practiceplus

Tips for business financial accounting management

Rеgulаr busіnеss dеаls wіth ехреnsеs, rеvеnuеs, рrоfіts, аnd lоssеs. Continue reading

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24-Feb-2020 Kirsten

What bushfire relief is available for businesses and communities?

Some welcome news to the communities affected by the recent bushfires as the state and federal governments announce a suite of initiatives to immediately help those affected. Continue reading

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20-Feb-2020 Practiceplus

4 ways to get your small business running

Are you ready to become a happy and successful small business owner? Continue reading

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19-Feb-2020 Practiceplus

Small business tips to empower entrepreneurs and lead them to a better future

Join weekend bazaars, meet-ups, and forums. Continue reading

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18-Feb-2020 Practiceplus

How to make your early stage business run more efficiently

Here are some tips on the technology that will have an immediate effect on your business. Continue reading

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17-Feb-2020 Kirsten

Sisters are doing it for themselves

How a dream for a gathering of awe-inspiring business owners and change-makers became a very successful reality. Continue reading