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30-Jul-2020 Kirsten

Tax time made easier with YBM

Find out how we can help you maximise your tax return and gain expert guidance through our new processing channels. For further information and assistance in completing your tax return. Please contact us today. Orange02 6362 1533Email us27 Sale St(PO … Continue reading

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29-Jul-2020 Practiceplus

Starting a Business That People Need

Here’s how to determine what problems you can solve to make your new business a success Continue reading

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27-Jul-2020 Practiceplus

#BehindSmallBusiness – Inspiring stories from business owners and Xero partners

Needing some inspirational motivation for your Monday? Continue reading

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23-Jul-2020 Practiceplus

Why building a customer database is good for business

There are a range of different strategies to collect customer information. Continue reading

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23-Jul-2020 YBM

Jobkeeper 2.0. What changes after 28 September.

The Federal Government have extended Jobkeeper into 2021, but with tighter access and reduced rates. Continue reading

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20-Jul-2020 Practiceplus

Cash flow forecasting guide: Make more informed business decisions

To generate a clear view of your business’ cash flow, first you need to make sure you’re capturing the right data in Xero. Continue reading

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20-Jul-2020 YBM

Farm subsidies and drought assistance. What support is still available for eligible farming businesses.

A number of changes and some important deadlines, but there is still support available for eligible farming businesses… Continue reading

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13-Jul-2020 Practiceplus

7 Financial Lessons the Crisis Will Teach Us

And how we can use those lessons to be smarter moving forward. Continue reading

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09-Jul-2020 Practiceplus

4 Ways Solopreneurs Can Strengthen Their Businesses

Even if you work alone, the brand-enhancing ideas of others can help push you forward. Continue reading

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08-Jul-2020 YBM

Tax tips when you’re working from home.

The ATO’s new Shortcut Method has been designed to help people working from home claim quickly and easily during the COVID-19 outbreak. Continue reading

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17-Jun-2020 YBM

Could ‘covid-recovery’ be as simple as a cash flow budget?

A cash flow budget is a very important place to start your Covid-19 recovery. Continue reading

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08-Jun-2020 Practiceplus

7 Tips for Making the Most of Remote Work in 2020

To help, we’ve put together seven of the best tips and tricks to running a modern workplace that encourages employee participation and dials the perks of remote work up to 11. Continue reading

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04-Jun-2020 Practiceplus

Is Planning Important for Your Business?

Here’s why you should keep planning as a cornerstone of your business processes Continue reading

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04-Jun-2020 YBM

Coronavirus Stimulus – up to $25,000 grants for home builders and renovators.

‘HomeBuilder’, the government’s COVID-19 stimulus for the construction industry, opens today! Continue reading

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02-Jun-2020 Practiceplus

Should you outsource to experts?

Not sure if outsourcing business tasks is worth your while? Here are some benefits of outsourcing your work Continue reading

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25-May-2020 Practiceplus

Rate of COVID-19 job losses slows

The rate of job losses as a result of the economic downturn has slowed down, with the number of Australians out of work suppressed to under a million, according to new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Continue reading

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21-May-2020 Practiceplus

7 Tips for Making the Most of Remote Work in 2020

The modern workforce is increasingly remote, and that’s significantly changing the way teams and leadership interact, solve problems, and get the day’s work done. Trying to run remote work as a traditional office will not only introduce a wide range … Continue reading

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20-May-2020 YBM

Support our team and set us a challenge!

Our dedicated team are keen for you a set them a challenge to help raise money for MS. As many of our friends and clients are well aware, we love clocking up the kilometres for a good cause! So, this … Continue reading

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14-May-2020 Practiceplus

Why a pandemic is a good time to test new ideas

All businesses experience risk. Government restrictions can be a risk. An economic downturn can be a risk. A slowdown in freight movement can be a risk. Kyla Kirkpatrick, founder and CEO of Emperor Champagne, speaks about innovating during a pandemic Continue reading

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11-May-2020 Practiceplus

Turning on the taps: JobKeeper hotlines, Australian loans, government aid and cash flow

The government is providing critical financial support for eligible businesses and their employees through the JobKeeper stimulus package. Continue reading

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04-May-2020 Practiceplus

Guide to detecting scam emails

When you receive an email, and it seems suspicious, take the time to look into its different elements. Continue reading

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28-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

Guide to creating a business plan

These two steps are the foundation of your business plan. Without them, it will be challenging to create one. But why should you bother with a business plan? Continue reading

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24-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

Do you need an Accountant for your startup?

Working with an accountant during the early stages of your start-up ensures you have the right foundations for your business. Continue reading

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22-Apr-2020 YBM

Coronavirus Stimulus – JobKeeper Nitty Gritty

Further clarification on the $130 billion helping hand for businesses and their employees Continue reading

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16-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

3 Ways You Can Empower Your Remote Employees

Companies that offer remote work, but don’t have tools or processes in place, may suffer from communication gaps. Continue reading

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15-Apr-2020 YBM

Coronavirus Stimulus – How to claim your JobKeeper payment

A simple guide for businesses that explains how and when to claim. Continue reading

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14-Apr-2020 YBM

Coronavirus Stimulus – Working from home

An explanation of what you can claim from the tax office while working from home. Continue reading

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09-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

Six steps to build an effective business continuity plan

A business continuity plan (BCP) is a comprehensive plan with contingencies for business processes, assets, human resources, and business partners in case of an emergency. Continue reading

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03-Apr-2020 YBM

Coronavirus Stimulus – NSW government grants for battling businesses

Grants of up to $10,000 to provide fast relief for NSW small businesses battling the effects of COVID-19 Continue reading

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03-Apr-2020 YBM

Coronavirus Stimulus Package – Changes to SMSFs

As part of the response to COVID-19, the ATO has announced some potential relief for a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) that rents a commercial property to a related party’s business. Continue reading