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14-Aug-2019 Practiceplus

5 things social media posts have in common

Last night, we had a discussion during our family dinner. The subject of discussion was how social media had turned the world into a global village. A message that could take a lifetime to be delivered would be delivered for … Continue reading

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28-Jun-2018 Practiceplus

It’s time to consolidate in the Cloud

As businesses grow, it is often inevitable that additional entities will be needed. Typically these will arise from international expansion into new markets or for legal and risk mitigation. Continue reading

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27-Jun-2018 Practiceplus

Multi-Channel Retailing: A Quick Guide for SMEs

As traditional retail channels dwindle in popularity, more businesses are turning to multi-channel retailing to provide an extra income stream and keep business ticking over. Continue reading

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28-May-2018 Practiceplus

What’s the Buzz About Innovation?

As more businesses use online inventory management, manufacturing and procurement tools, businesses that stick to traditional ways of operating are likely to surrender their competitive advantage. Continue reading

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27-May-2018 Practiceplus

The Reluctance to Automate Leaves UK’s Food Industry Stagnant

Competition is rife in every industry. In order to keep up with competitors you have to be innovative and quick. Continue reading

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26-Apr-2018 Practiceplus

3 Key Trends That Will Drive Business Success in FY 2019

As some of us begin a new financial year, it’s time to reflect on trends from the year that’s been. The 2018 financial year continued the dramatic trend of change that small and medium sized businesses have been experiencing for the last few years. Continue reading

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25-Apr-2018 Practiceplus

Innovation Poses New Challenges and Opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry

One critical factor for food and beverage industry growth is innovation. While the food and beverage players are experienced innovators, the industry itself is facing new consumer, food safety and regulatory challenges. Continue reading

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26-Mar-2018 Practiceplus

Choosing Cloud Software? Look Out for These Trends

Software as a Service (SaaS) has paved the way for businesses and consumers to test early cloud services. With SaaS being both flexible and financially attractive, businesses continue to take advantage of the simplicity and high performance the cloud offers. Continue reading

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25-Mar-2018 Practiceplus

Streamlining your Small Business for Greater Efficiency

One of the complexities of managing a small to medium sized business is having the ability to optimise your organisation, enabling it to run more efficiently. Continue reading