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23-Jul-2020 YBM

Jobkeeper 2.0. What changes after 28 September.

The Federal Government have extended Jobkeeper into 2021, but with tighter access and reduced rates. Continue reading

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20-May-2020 YBM

Support our team and set us a challenge!

Our dedicated team are keen for you a set them a challenge to help raise money for MS. As many of our friends and clients are well aware, we love clocking up the kilometres for a good cause! So, this … Continue reading

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28-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

Guide to creating a business plan

These two steps are the foundation of your business plan. Without them, it will be challenging to create one. But why should you bother with a business plan? Continue reading

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24-Apr-2020 Practiceplus

Do you need an Accountant for your startup?

Working with an accountant during the early stages of your start-up ensures you have the right foundations for your business. Continue reading

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12-Mar-2020 YBM

Today’s a great day to plan how to grow your business!

Now is the time to plan your business strategies for the rest of this year and next. How YBM can help you with that. Continue reading

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24-Feb-2020 Kirsten

What bushfire relief is available for businesses and communities?

Some welcome news to the communities affected by the recent bushfires as the state and federal governments announce a suite of initiatives to immediately help those affected. Continue reading

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17-Feb-2020 Kirsten

Sisters are doing it for themselves

How a dream for a gathering of awe-inspiring business owners and change-makers became a very successful reality. Continue reading

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21-Aug-2019 Practiceplus


The stable demand for accounting services has made the field a promising one for accountants. This makes it one of the highest salary earners in the labour market. However, as an accountant, your degree may not be enough for you … Continue reading

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04-Feb-2019 Practiceplus

You Don’t Have Weaknesses, Just Overdone Strengths

The theory of overdone strengths Continue reading

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27-May-2018 Practiceplus

Get Your Staff Ready for Cloud-Based Software

Shifting data, systems and the inner workings of a business onto the cloud can be a big move. However, it’s hard to stay away from the cloud these days; the applications of cloud-based software are seemingly endless. Continue reading

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25-Apr-2018 Practiceplus

How to Prevent and Handle Internal Theft in Retail Stores

When thinking about threats to your retail store, shoplifting is probably number one, right? The idea of someone swiping hundreds of dollars of products into a giant bag and walking out with them is horrifying, isn’t it? (post by Cara Wood) Continue reading

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27-Mar-2018 Practiceplus

Women in Tech – It All Adds Up!

Recruiting more women into roles within the technology sector continues to be to a major challenge for employers. In the UK technology sector, only 15% of people working in STEM roles are female, and women hold only 5% of tech leadership positions. Continue reading

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24-Feb-2018 Practiceplus

Handle conflict like a pro: essential team conflict management examples and tips

Conflicts are inevitable, even in the most engaged of workplaces. Regardless of the source of the conflict, if they are left unresolved, conflicts can quickly impact employee morale and productivity. Continue reading

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23-Feb-2018 Practiceplus

How to Deal with Difficult Customers: Nine Proven Tips for Retailers

Dealing with difficult customers can be… well, difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right attitude and action steps, you can effectively navigate these tricky customer situations and emerge (hopefully) unscathed. Continue reading

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23-Feb-2018 Practiceplus

The Power of Customer Success

Customer Success is one of the most important strategic priorities at Spotlight Reporting. The more we learn about Customer Success principles, strategy and practice, the more we can see the powerful resonance this could have for accountants in practice. Continue reading

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15-Jan-2018 Practiceplus

4 Essential employee engagement trends for 2018

Creating a highly-engaged workforce and a thriving workplace continues to be a major focus for all HR managers. And the reason is simple. Continue reading