Yes, there are some odd tax deductions available (handbags, anyone?) However, there are also a lot of myths and mistaken beliefs about what you can actually claim as deductions against your income.

BLOG: 9 tax deductions you probably can't claim

Here's a list of 9 deductions you (probably) can’t claim:

  1. Travel between home and work.

  2. Car expenses for transporting bulky tools or equipment, unless they’re required to do your job, your boss needs you to transport them, and there’s nowhere to store them at work

  3. Car expenses that have been salary sacrificed

  4. Meal expenses for travel, unless you were required to work away from home overnight

  5. Private travel

  6. Everyday clothes you wear to work (eg a suit or black pants). To legitimately claim a uniform, it needs be unique and distinctive

  7. Higher education contributions charged through the HELP scheme

  8. Self-education expenses if the study doesn’t have a direct connection to your current job

  9. Private use of phone or internet expenses

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Brad Evans