Mobile devices give us convenience and efficiency. Like taking a quick photo of a receipt and submitting an expense claim while on a business trip.

But there are still times when you need the convenience of a larger screen. Sometimes you need to look at multiple things at once. Closing Xero to open a browser, your banking app, Dropbox, then jumping back into Xero does the job, but it’s not efficient.

2016_FEB_ALL_XERO - Don’t split your focus, split your screen with iPad multitasking

Split screen multitasking unlocks the real potential of tablets

Split screen multitasking enables iPad users to use two apps side by side at the same time, a feature previously reserved for their laptop. You can now take advantage of the larger screen to work efficiently across multiple apps.

You can open Xero and your email simultaneously to create an invoice from a customer order. You can submit an expense claim using details you’ve copied from a PDF of a receipt. You can even keep an eye on the big game or watch your favorite TV show while you get your bank reconciliation done.

ipad split screen with xero

You can use Xero split screen with any other app that also supports split screen. Like FaceTime, Skype or Safari.

Multi-tasking doesn’t have to stop at just two apps

Many apps are now offering interactive notifications. While two other apps are in focus using split-screen multitasking, try dragging down on notifications. You’ll often find that you can respond to a message or choose an action right there from the notification without having to leave the app, or apps, you’re already in.

What else is new?

You’ll also notice a few other changes in this version. We’ve expanded on 3D Touch support on iPhone 6S devices so you can peek and pop into invoices, receipts and contacts. There’s a fresh coat of paint on the contact pages. And various other improvements and fixes.

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